Since 1953, Olav Haavaldsrud Timer Company has been producing premium and high quality lumber.

       Image of Olav and Elna Haavaldsrud in Norway 

       Image of Olav and Elna Haavaldsrud in Norway 

Our company was founded by Olav and Elna Haavaldsrud in 1953. Having immigrated to Canada from Kongsberg Norway, Olav and Elna (joined by their four sons - Walter, Burt, Norman and Carl) first purchased a small pulp log manufacturing plant that provided eight foot logs to Quebec and Ontario Paper Company (now Abitibi). The company quickly grew to include a sawmill in order to utilize some of the larger logs available from the Nagagami Forest, a mixed wood site of nearly 4500 square kilometres located in the Boreal Forest Region. 
Today, the pulp plant is no longer in operation and the focus has been on the lumber manufacturing process. We have been manufacturing rough and dressed lumber for the past 60 years!

In 2013, the Becker Cogeneration Plant opened. The 10-megawatt facility, located adjacent to our lumber manufacturing facilities, uses sawmill wood byproducts and wood forest biomass to generate electricity for the provincial power grid and to produce heat for our sawmill and kiln operations. The plant will consume 175,000 to 200,000 tonnes of sawmill wood byproducts annually.  

Our Mission

In an industry that has been plagued with economic highs and lows, we have worked to maintain our position as a viable and stable local employer, contributing to the economic well-being of our employees and their families as well as to the economy of our business and the community in which we operate. 

We fulfill our mission by adhering to a set of beliefs that guide our business decisions, 

  • Community 
  • History 
  • Quality
  • Sustainability 
  • Innovation
     Image of Carl Haavaldsrud in our cookery in 1958 

     Image of Carl Haavaldsrud in our cookery in 1958 

Listen to a CBC Radio interview conducted in 1987 with our founder Elna and her son Norman Haavaldsrud. 
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The Cogeneration plant will not only have economic rewards to the community of Hornepayne, but will also change the landscape of the forest industry.
— Carlo Bin, President, Olav Haavaldsrud Timber Company